Hello everyone! Today the Command & Conquer community starts to celebrate the anniversaries of Red Alert games (1, 2, and 3) until the end of the month at the so-called Red Revolution. Truth to be said, though, Red Alert 2's birthday already happened on October 23th (21 years old), while Red Alert 3's was on October 28th (13 years old) and Red Alert 1's will be celebrated on November 22nd (25 years old).

Each day will have one or more events that will present great mods and related projects for these games or even projects for other games totally inspired by the Red Alert universe. It works in the same way as the Tiberian Sun 22nd's Anniversary did, however, it will last 3 weeks. So, here's the schedule for the first week:

And here are the details for week 1, times in GMT:

Wedensday, November 10th:

8:00: Opening Video Intro by Genobreaker
9:00: C&C Mod Haven Concept Contest Starts (If you have Discord, check it out here)
19:00 - 22:00: OpenRA Stream by Kaution

Thursday, November 11th:

14:00 - 15:30: The Red Alert mod overview by DannyDanku
19:00 - 22:00: The Red Alert mod Stream by Kaution

Friday, November 12th:

14:00 - 16:00: Combined Arms overview by DannyDanku
20:00 - 22:00: Combined Arms Stream by Kaution

Saturday, November 13th:

19:00 - 23:00: Red Alert 2 League Tournament Stream by MarkJFox, the vanilla game

Sunday, November 14th:

19:00 - 23:00: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Stream/Game Night by W3D Hub

Monday, November 15th:

14:00 - 15:00: jUsT AnOtHeR vErY iMbAlAnCeD mOd overview by DannyDanku
15:30: jUsT AnOtHeR vErY iMbAlAnCeD mOd video presentation
19:00 - 22:00: Global Crisis mod overview by DannyDanku

Tuesday, November 16th:

14:00 - 15:00: Chrono Divided overview by DannyDanku
19:00 - 22:00: Chrono Divided stream by MarkJFox

And that's just the start. We'll have some coverage of this event here in PPM while the Command & Conquer PPM Portal with the Red Alert 2 PPM Portal will also have the videos in a later time, so you can watch them if you miss them. Enjoy it and here's some music for the party!

The team from Romanov's Vengeance, a OpenRA game that is inspired in Red Alert 2, has released the 20211107 Release version of the mod. That brings Psi-Corps faction and much more. Here's their release notes:



Hit & Run and mutated beyond recognition.

Using genetic mutation, mind control and Yuri’s Lazarus technology to control not only the battlefield but the minds of their foes.

For Master Yuri!

New units join Yuri's forces!

Yuri's Attack Dog

We have added Dogs for Psi-Corps which will eat up Allied Spys and deal with Soviets Hijackers. Yuri's Attack Dogs are good boys.

Unit art and cameo by MustaphaTR.

Gatling Trooper

Gatling Troopers have joined the battle field and they love to puncture everything that moves!

Unit art and cameo by MasterHaosis.

Lazarus Spectre

Lazarus Spectre are Yuri's elite forces. They will not leave their master unguarded.

Unit art by Nolt.

Cameo by Nah.

Armed with mobile Lazarus Generators they can either cloak themselfes or their allies around them but the energy is not enough to clak both at the same time.

Lazarus Spectre are using a dual burst of stopping power rounds which will slow enemy units on impact.

Armored Truck

Armored Trucks will safely transport Yuri's troops to the battlefield. They can even crush infantry!

Unit art by Shepherd Moons.

Cameo by Nah.

Lazarus Tank

The Lazarus Tank is the newest addition in Yuri's army. It is armed with a Spitefire Laser Cannon and a mobile Lazarus Generator to stay unseen.

Unit art by Eoral Milk.

Cameo by MustaphaTR.

Grinder Tank (Secret Lab)

The Grinder Tank is a very fast and heavily armored monster. It will grind everything to dust.

Unit art and cameo by MustaphaTR.

Lethocerus Platform

Armed with poisonous missiles, it is deadly to both vehicles and infantry. It can also transport up to 5 soldiers.

Unit art by MadHQ.

Cameo by MustaphaTR.

New structures for the Master!

Refinery + Lazarus Miner

We have added Refineries and stealth Miners for Yuri. We tried to implement proper gameplay with Slave Miners but it was just way too broken (you could either easily kill a Yuri player in the first 3 minutes of the game by denying all the Slaves but once setup Yuri players were literally unstoppable and were able to mine out the entire map).

Refinery art and cameo by MadHQ.

Miner art by Fryone.

Miner cameo by PussyPus.

Yuri Ore Silos

Yuri stores his ore now just like Allies and Soviets!

Art and cameo by Nooze.

Yuri's Service Depot

Yuri can now build Service Depots as well to repair his damaged vehicles, unlock MEVs and to properly deal with Terror Drones. Grinders are unlocked via Commander Powers.

Art and cameo by MadHQ.

Radar Dome

Psi-Corps unlock their T2 with this building rather with the Psychic Sensor. The Psychic Sensor in Romanovs' Vegeance does still show the movement of enemy troops through fog of war in a sizeable area.

Art and cameo by Speeder.

Disc Pad

Yuri Disc production has been moved from the War Factory to the Disc Pad.

Stealth Generator

Yuri's Lazarus Technology allows him to cloak both his army and his bases.

Art by Droke.

Cameo by Speeder.

Lazarus Shield Generator

We have removed the Genetic Mutator ability and replaced it with the deployable Lazarus Shield.

It cloaks vehicles and instantly kills any type of infantry.

Stolen Tech Units
Yuri has a new set of units at his disposal as soon as he is able to infiltrate enemy Battle Labs with mindcontrolled Allied Spies or Soviet Hijackers.

Psi-Commando (left), Intoxicator (middle), Chaos Trooper (right)

Psi-Commando can be trained after infiltrating an Allied Battle Lab.

Intoxicator can be trained after infiltrating a Soviet Battle Lab.

Chaos Trooper can be trained after infiltrating a Psi-Corps Battle Lab.

Intoxicator art by ZombyDragon.

Chaos Trooper art by Rommel.

Intoxicator and Chaos Trooper cameos by Nah.

Their abilities are hidden. so you must find out yourself what kind of hell they are able to unleash!

Psi-Corps Subfactions
Yuri's army features 5 new subfactions representing Yuri's secret bases. Some of those bases stem from original campaign of Yuri's Revenge.

Yurigrad - Their main base is situated in Volgograd

Lunar Eclipse - The Moon Base

Lazarus Corps - Their main base is hidden in the Himalayas

Antarctica - Yuri's base from the last allied mission of YR

Fortress Transylvania - Yuri's base from the last soviet mission of YR

Slave Miner + Slaves (Yurigrad)

Yuri captured and enslaved soviet citizens to do the dirty work. At least he could give them some shoes.

Slaves are produceable from the Slaveminer itself.

Cosmonaut (Lunar Eclipse)

Gravity doesn't matter.

Mosquito Disc (Lazarus Corps)

Mosquito Discs suck materials out of enemy units, organic or metalic alike, using them to create Blood Vessels or to repair themselves.

Unit art by MadHQ.

Cameo by Nah.

Yuri Statue (Antarctica)

Yuri's monuments of power. Not only a compensation of size but also armed with powerful Twin Laser Cannons.

Cameo by Nah.

Mutant Tarantula (Fortress Transylvania)

Yuri's favorite pet is not a Dog but a Giant Tarantula. They are born killers armed with poisonous fangs and the ability to entabgle infantry in their web.

Unit art by Nolt.

Cameo by Nah.

Each subfaction is not only packing a new unit but also a new ability unlocked via Radar Tech.

Lethocerus Swarm - The ability of Fortress Transylvania able to deploy 3 Lethocerus Platforms wherever onto the battlefield.

Point Defense Drones - The ability of Antarctica shielding their vehicles to increase their defensive capabilities.

Holographic Army - he ability of Lazarus Corps able to create hologramms to trick their foes.

Yuri-Clone Drop - Yurigrad can deploy 3 Yuri-Clones via plane. First class of course!

Ion Cannon - Lunar Eclipse created their own Ion Cannon device able to incinerate any target o planet earth!

Hologram Army cameo by Nah.

Ion Cannon cameo by MustaphaTR.

Commander's Powers
In Romanov’s Vengeance you are able to gain experience by destroying enemy assets. You will earn Commander's Points after gaining enough experience which you can use to unlock Commander's Powers.

Psi-Corps Commander's Powers

Psi-Corps Commander's Powers allow you to unlock every asset necessary to win a war for Yuri! Go ahead and enable the Grinder to increase your credits with literal man power, let your Brutes fly, setup some bounties on enemy heads, prepare a Toxin Bombing Run, freeze your opponents movement with the Magnetic Beam, bring chaos into enemy lines with a Chaos Gas Drop or mover heaven and earth to unleash a Meteor Strike right into your foes!

Brute Drop, Orbital Drop and Chaos Gas Drop cameos by Nah.

Yuri will not stop until every single mind shares his own!

You can download the new version from below:

Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X (Compat)

OpenHV Pre-release 20211016
Oct 22, 2021 - 22:31
OpenHV has released a new balancing and polishing release that adds new voice lines and pixel art content like a new mortar pod:

As well as new maps:

And new critters:

The most convenient method to get the game is to subscribe via the itch app and receive automatic updates:

OpenHV by OpenHV developers

The full changelog is available on GitHub with some additional standalone installers.

Chat with them on Discord or connect via Matrix

For further details about this game, check their ModDB profile.

Hello everyone! Multiples visions, multiple purposes! I guess that's not the expression that you were expecting to hear from us, but this is how we summarize this news.

Today we are launching the second birthday gift for Project Perfect Mod, which is not just one site: we are launching 4 new sites as a result of a major site engine update. Our objective is to allow PPM to extend its content without losing its focus. Here are the recent additions to Project Perfect Mod Group:

- Project Perfect Mod: Command & Conquer: Our dedicated Command & Conquer modding hub at https://cnc.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Mod: Tiberian Sun: Our dedicated Tiberian Sun modding hub at https://sun.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Mod: Red Alert 2: Our dedicated Red Alert 2 modding hub at https://ra2.projectperfectmod.com

- Project Perfect Game: Our dedicated game development hub at https://www.projectperfectgame.com

Right now, they are just a subset of Project Perfect Mod, after all, we have to start somewhere. However, our engine upgrade allows them to have their own exclusive news and content, which should happen soon enough, especially with the newly released Project Perfect Game.

We have also upgraded our news engine to provide news from RSS feeds and that extends to our hostees as well, if they desire.

And depending on the response of our community, we can create other subsites for other topics of interest. Graphics creation anyone?

I hope you enjoy the new places and we will soon develop more content for them.

OpenHV Pre-release 20210922
Oct 03, 2021 - 17:50
There has been a lot of activity lately, including the first tournament

The game's drone carrier is inspired by Red Alert 2

just like the missile subs carrying cruise missiles that can be shot down:

Aircraft sprites have been revamped to give them more character:

New competitive 1v1 maps have been added like:

Find players and talk to the developers on Discord or Matrix

Download the game and stay up to date using the (optional) Itch App

Hello everyone! Today, September 30th is PPM's 21st anniversary! It's that very old story where 21 years ago we started a Tiberian Sun mod that was never finished, and no one knows anymore where to download it, called PPM: Final Dawn. We transformed this place into a community that did everything except PPM: Final Dawn. Note, however, that I still plan to finish this mod one day, in a long term.

We usually celebrate our birthday with gifts. Unfortunately, these gifts delay on most of the years. This year won't be different. The reason, this time is not the COVID-19 pandemic or my Ph.D. dissertation. It is my barbecue toasted computer that is awaiting a new motherboard to be resurrected. Once it returns, we'll bring some good surprises.... and the cake! Yea, guys, I can't upload the new cake this time. I'll place the one from the last year temporarily and update this post once my computer returns.

Update 1: My PC has been repaired and I've already implemented the first of the birthday gifts on the site. It is not new content for those who browse the forums, however, quite useful for Red Alert 2 modders. And now you'll find it under Red Alert 2 -> Resources, the PPM Halloween Assets, PPM Winter Holliday Assets and the PPM Tropical Themed Assets collected by Master Haosis. The cake has been updated accordingly.

The credits for today's cake goes to this site

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoying the Renegade-X livestream. It's happening at the moment I am writing this news. But I'm here to inform you of the next event to celebrate the Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary. And it's going to be a good one! Tomorrow's livestream will be about Tiberian Sun: Rising, a modification for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars that brings the Tiberian Sun universe into it, instead of the heresy seen in the original game.

Here are the words from Assassin about the upcoming event.

Welcome Back Commanders! I'd like to extend an invite to our scheduled events for Tiberian Sun Rising a total conversion mod for C&C3 Tiberium Wars on August 23rd, 2021. We are part of the communities celebration of the 22nd Anniversary of the Tiberian Sun. Together with other popular Tiberian Sun themed mods, projects, streamers, community members, and creators!

22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun
Join the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun's event Discord Server to keep track of the celebrations and meet fellow attendees of the 22nd Anniversary of Tiberian Sun! https://discord.gg/MuNuuvQZJB

TS Rising Event Schedule - 23rd August (All Times GMT+1)
We will start at 12:00 PM with a Presentation and Live Q&A till 1:00 PM (Twitch), after a short break we will continue at 2:00PM  showcasing a prerecorded game play and development showcase (YouTube) until 4:00 PM. At 4:00PM we will be holding an Aftershow Q&A on the TS Rising Discord Server until 5:00PM and finally a closing video at 7:00PM (YouTube).
Event Promo Video:

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/assassincs44
Live Presentation and Q&A - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM GMT+1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TiberianSunRising (2:00PM - 4:00PM)
Gameplay Showcase 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT+1
Developer Showcase 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM GMT+1

Discord: https://discord.gg/mZHU3qT
Aftershow Q&A - 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT+1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TiberianSunRising
Closing Video 7:00 PM GMT+1

You can also keep track of Tiberian Sun Rising of course on our ModDB page , Twitter, Facebook, and our Discord server. If you miss the live event you can always watch it after although join us live if you want to meet me and some of the team and get your burning TS Rising questions answered! And to see the latest developments of TS Rising first while you still have human eyes!


Just pay attention for a nasty detail here: he has provided all times in GMT +1.


The good thing of livestreams, game night, and stuff like that is that developers receive feedback from players and that allows them to fix some oddities in their projects. A couple of projects received some bug fixes recently. They are:

- Shattered Paradise Playtest 20210821 fixes some issues like crashes that occur when fighting the AI. There are some other balance changes. The full changelog can be seen here and download is here.

- Tiberian War: IonShock Version 0.70 comes with few bug fixes, such as:

- solved the invisible Radar bug
- fixed missing trees on maps
- added faction icons
- new options to pick random

You can download it here.

Renegade-X Livestream, tomorrow!
Aug 21, 2021 - 17:05
Hello everyone! I've seen a lot of people visiting this place and so many people being shy to share their feelings about what has happened during this Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary. Did you enjoy the Dawn of the Tiberium Age live stream today? Share your comments here. Anyway, tomorrow's attraction is Renegade-X, which is an FPS game inspired by Command & Conquer: Renegade and featured on the Tiberian Sun scenario. So, their event will happen at 5:00 PM GMT on their official YouTube channel. Here's what was posted on their Discord Channel:

“Welcome Back, Commander”

We have officially entered August and we are pleased to announce we will be participating in the Tiberian Sun 22nd Anniversary Event!

Since our last public appearance in February - during the Renegade 19th Anniversary Event - a lot of things have changed. For example, we have revisioned the infantry classes and changed the way vehicles work in Firestorm. But not only that, but we have also been working on new maps,  new features, and new artwork such as our latest addition: The Mobile Stealth Generator!

Tune in on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021 at 5 pm GMT+0 at our livestream on our official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaiic-yEcwEv8VG6wRaHcDQ
We will be showcasing some LIVE gameplay footage of our upcoming expansion and we also will be answering a lot of questions that you have. We hope to see you then.:tsgdi::nod:

And be sure to check out all the other highlighted Tiberian Sun based projects to see what other fans have come up with to keep the spirit alive! Also stay tuned, because we will be releasing our remix of the Tiberian Sun track 'Scouting' very soon!:musical_note:  And to finish it all off, here's a small taste of what’s to come:

“One Vision, One Purpose”

And that's all for now! Have fun and in the next couple of days there will be more Tiberian Sun inspired mods/games to play with.